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Performance Coaching

Performance Coaching
& Mentoring

Coaching is more than a cosy conversation, it’s the opportunity to talk openly and confidentially with someone who is listening without judgement and whose only agenda is to help you reach the outcome you want.

I don’t need to go into the back-story about why you are where you are today, my focus is on the future. This is why coaching is different to other fields such as therapy and counselling.


I believe that you are the expert of your situation and that you know what will (and won't) work for you. Rather than give advice, I help to reframe your experiences in a way that reduces barriers and constructively opens up new lines of thought – a friendly, objective partner who can help you to identify what you want to do and why it will work for you.

If you have a challenge or ambition in front of you that seems out of reach, coaching is a powerful way to break it down into more manageable steps.


Coaching is not only reserved for major challenges: if you’re noticing something bothering you; if you don’t know where to start; if you’re going round in circles and are tired of thinking about it; if it matters to you - that’s enough, let’s work on it.

How I Can Help You

1:1 Development Coaching

Medium-term 1:1 coaching to help achieve professional goals, define career paths and manage leadership challenges



  • NPS: 93

  • 100% believed they had learnt new skills

  • 100% believed they had made meaningful progress on their goals

  • 93% felt more engaged with their work

  • 89% felt they had a better understanding of resources available to support success




  • I was really satisfied by this coaching engagement. Susan was really helpful throughout and greatly contributed to my development and in achieving the goals I had set myself. She is very approachable, friendly and lovely to work with; would definitely recommend her to colleagues

  • Susan was an excellent coach and I enjoyed my sessions with her

  • Susan made very good use of the time we had, I am surprised at how much I learnt during the session

Laser Coaching

Just-in-time coaching sessions for important issues and short-term needs​


  • NPS: 93

  • 100% believed they had identified at least one strategy that would address the issue they brought to coaching

  • 96% believed that they had learned something new

  • 93% felt more engaged with their work

  • 89% felt they had a better understanding of resources available to support success



  • Susan was very easy to talk to, she created a safe space to talk and allowed me time to express myself

  • This was very helpful - I was able to come away with a couple of strategies to address some recurring issues. Thank you very much, Susan!

  • Grateful [Client Company] offers coaching. Really helpful offering!

  • Susan has been a wonderful coach. I could easily discuss matters and she would provide  insights and direction. 

Group/Team Coaching

Bespoke programmes to integrate new skills and behaviours; enhance proactivity, and ownership; and manage change 


  • 100% rated the programme as useful or highly useful

  • 100% believed that they had a better understanding of their colleagues’ and clients’ behaviour

  • 80% believed the training had a positive impact on their professional goals

  • 80% believed they had learned valuable tips for improving performance at work


  • I have learnt a lot and your pattern of giving scenarios and putting in group exercises makes us think what to do in real-life situations. Have thoroughly enjoyed the sessions

  • Susan planned, managed and executed the workshops really well. She gave the right amount of information, gave enough time for everyone to speak and planned the breakout sessions really well. Susan’s talks were really motivating and inspiring

How I can help you
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