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Coaching isn’t only for athletes, it can bring out the best in anyone. Especially where someone knows what they want (or what they want to move away from) but is unsure of how to make it happen.


By helping you to define clearly what it is you truly want, reducing potential barriers, and creating new opportunities, a coach can help you overcome challenges and achieve aspirations faster and more effectively than if you worked alone.

I use proven coaching strategies, founded in neuroscience, to help individuals and teams reach their full potential and to achieve ambitious personal and professional goals. I am experienced in helping individuals and teams to understand communication preferences, reduce stress and anxiety, strengthen relationships, and improve productivity.


Typical areas of focus are:

  • Those new to role or company and wanting to establish their presence and impact

  • Senior leaders wanting to take their leadership and coaching skills to the next level

  • Building confidence, motivation, and resilience in high-potential individuals

  • Supporting managers and leaders to handle difficult conversations adeptly

  • Addressing feelings of overwhelm or burnout​

As a coach I can help you to identify how to use your strengths, experiences and resources to achieve your goal, and how you can get out of your own way on your path to success. 

For coaching to succeed, all you need are a commitment to achieving a change meaningful to you and an openness to trying something new.

Here are some ways I can support you: services

Susan Rome PhD ACC FInstCPD

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Waves on the Rocks

Managing Director, Clinical Solutions

I had the pleasure of Susan being my Professional Development Coach at Real Chemistry.


I cannot thank Susan enough for the professional and personal tools that I learned during the course of our coaching engagement.


I went into coaching with an idea of the areas I wanted to develop, but got so much more out of it as we addressed various challenges and areas for improvement.


I also found Susan very inspiring and empowering. I believe I developed further as a leader due to her incredible expertise and support. 

Business Unit Director, PR - Network Agency

Working with Susan over the course of 4 years, I frequently sought her out to do what she did best − distil complex scientific information into a narrative that was not only universally understandable, but a compelling story that left you wanting more.  No easy feat! 


More than that though, Susan was the voice of wisdom and experience, someone I could go to with a problem and she had that rare ability to ask the right questions that meant we collaboratively found innovative solutions. 

This was also apparent in her line management style −
she deftly empowered our scientific team to play a more vocal and influential role in shaping our business.

More testimonials are available here

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